Aeonium smithii Hybrid

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Aeonium smithii hybrid

Size: Big specimen with 10 more heads

This is a very new hybrid of A.smithii. The leave beneath covered with amazing ruby red transparent dashes(white in growing season), which inherit from smithii. And the leaves edge covered with white tiny crystal teeth. Very interesting and beautiful. In growing season it's all green color, only when in dormant, the dashes turn to red. The plants we sell are big size specimen, with more than 10 heads, hard stem. it can grow much bigger by age. A must-have for all Aeonium lovers. Be aware that Aeonium leaves can turn blackish backside and very soft dehydrated/shrimp after longtime shipping but it will recover very fast after watered so don't worry about that.  

All the succulents ChineseGreen selling are Dry grown plants. Which means extremely less water and full sun in production. 
This makes our plants very strong, solid, small size, hard stem, and nice color. The same size plant ours take double growing time to normal Products. 
Dry grown plants can establish faster when arrive, and less rot/elongated problems in travel. 

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