Echeveria globulosa( Echeveria Vincent Catto ) Rare Succulent

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  1. Name:  Echeveria globulosa /Echeveria Vincent Catto 
  2. Size: 9cm pot size at least 5 heads clump
  3. Info : Echeveria globulosa might be the smallest Echeveria species. Not easy grower but grow very fast to a clump with proper care. This is a fragile plant  need  long time dry pretreatment before shipping less seller realize this.  All our globulosa have been cut off water at least one month to ensure the safe traveling. Anyway,the head could drop off easily, since its very small and the stem very thin. Echeveria globulosa can be very beautiful in cold season, when stressed, all the leaves will close up and form a rosette. Leave tip stand out like an antenna very cute , the whole rosette could exhibit light purple color. A most have for Echeveria collectors. In the growing season, it will reback to greenish color, give less water, 40% shade in hot season, can be full light in cold season which will help intense the color. You will get plant similiar to the pics, at least 5 heads, healthy, and strong.