Echeveria mebina Variegated

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  1. Name:  Echeveria mebina variegata
  2. Size: 4-5cm   ( 1"=2.5cm ) size small but already mature size !
  3. Info : One of the small Echeveria varieties. Very beautiful and it can produce offsets very fast which made good clump very shortly. This is the variegated type of E.mebina which is an old Japanese hybrid. The plant are compact size, colorful in winter time when stressed. Grow fastly. mebina varigata is an easy grower compare to other vareigated succulents. Never over water it, and better keep from spraying on the leaves or got rained. Use small pot  with good drange pot media. The plants we sell are about 4-5cm leave span, smaller when packing leave upwards. Mature size, healthy and good root system. We choose good variegations and will pic the acutal plants to buyer before packing. Can ask order cancel if not like or not as nice as the pics.  
  4. Dry Grown Plant & No photoshop: All the succulents we sell are Dry grown plants. Which means extremely less water and fullsun in production. This make our plants very strong, solid, small size, hard stem and nice color.  The same size plant ours take double growing time to other sellers' at least. Dry grown plants can establish faster when arrive, and less rot/enlongate problems in travel. Our plants are just as in the pics, we dont photoshop our pics to promote selling. We send pics of the actual plants to you before packing. You can ask refund if not as good as our pics/descriptions. So bid with confidence.
  5. About ChineseGreen: we are big nursery for succulents,orchids,ferns and all kind of collector plants from 2003; We have import/export permits and keep trading with plantsmen worldwidely. If you are looking for any rare hard to find chinese native plants, or you have good products for chinese huge market, just send a message we are very willing to help with. 
  1. We choose free ePacket  takes about 10-15 work days to arrive. 
  2. We dont offer phyto for retail orders. if you need wholesale purchase($1000 Min), just contact us, we offer all necessary documents as well as competive prices and can sent with air cargo!
  3. if you have overpay the postage due to the ebay system, dont worry, we will refund to you without ask.
Shipping & handeling & AfterSale
  1. You get plants of the actual pictured plant(auction) or similiar plants(fixed price) sending to you after payment.
  2. Plants sent bare rooted, need 3 days to proceed and dry throughly before packing.
  3. Color could fade and plant enlongate size shrink due to the long time travel in dark. Be aware of that before bidding. 
  4. Buyers take the custom risks, we only response for plant quality/healthy .
  5. We make refund/replacement if the plants arrive dead/rot only.  No refund for custom issues