Echeveria Red Champagne Bloody Type

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  1. Name:  Echeveria Red Champagne Bloody type
  2. Size: 7cm pot size 
  3. Info : So far the most beautiful Champagne type in our collections. This is a hybrid from agavoides Romeo and lauii, very amazing combination of the red color and white powder structure.  Its original from Korea, but we do this cross by ourselves and select out this amazing Bloody type. When stressed in winter time, Bloody type would exhibit bright red spot outside of the leaves, which we call it bloody in chinese. So the plant would appare gloden Orange Red and white together in the cold season. Its just so beautiful and we have very limited available. Its as easy as normal Champagne in cultivation. By the way, Champagne will be greenish color in growing season, just like other Echeverias. The red color wont last years arround, only comes out while stressed.